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Faculty Support

Library Instruction


What is library instruction?

Library instruction is a service that supports the teaching mission of SPC. 

We normally give students hands-on experience with online resources. Printed materials that facilitate use of the library are also available. If you have a special request related to your courses, we can offer customized exercises which support specific class assignments. Please contact us.  

To see a more detailed list of what is offered see below in the Menu for Library and Research Classes.


When do I need to schedule my class?

If you would like to schedule an instruction session for your class please complete the online request form for the desired campus location. We respectfully request that a session be scheduled at least one week in advance in order for us to prepare and tailor the session for your needs. 

We are committed to making every reasonable effort to accommodate your chosen date and time but scheduling conflicts may occur. You will be notified of this as soon as possible.


Scheduling Library Instruction

Please use the form below to schedule a class visit. If you have any questions please contact us directly by email or phone.

Request Library Instruction

Menu for Library Information & Research Classes-Levelland  

Introduction and Conclusion (required, 10 minutes)
An overview of the library with introductions, library hours & circulation policies.

Tour of Facilities (10 minutes)
An orientation of the library building with an overview of main service areas & collections.

Distinguishing between Magazines & Scholarly Journals (10 minutes)
Suggested pre-requisite — SmartStarts Module One
How to compare and contrast the differences between magazines and journals.

Choosing a Topic (20 minutes)
Suggested pre-requisite — SmartStarts Module Two
How to choose a topic using print and online reference sources.

WorldCat, the Online Catalog (20 minutes)
Suggested pre-requisite — SmartStarts Module Three
Search techniques for finding books and other materials using the WorldCat catalog and locating those materials in the library.

Electronic Books (15 minutes)
How to access electronic books and navigate electronic book sites.

General Database Searching (25 minutes for overview or 45 minutes with lesson using databases)
Suggested pre-requisite — SmartStarts Module Four
Basic search techniques in multidisciplinary databases like Academic Search Complete and Opposing Viewpoints inContext.

Specialized Database Searching (15 minutes per database)
Suggested pre-requisite — SmartStarts Module Four
Basic and complex search techniques for databases that are focused on specific subject areas such as CINAHL or Literature Resource Center.

Evaluating Websites (15 minutes)
Suggested pre-requisite — SmartStarts Module Five
How to determine scope, audience, authority, and accuracy of websites.

Citing Sources (15 minutes)
Suggested pre-requisite — SmartStarts Module Six
Tips about library tools and online resources that will help in building bibliographies and citing sources properly.